Perfect Leaf Lace Edge (adapted)

Quite a few people have asked me for my adaption of the pattern published at “#88 Perfection Leaf Lace”.  I’ve used a modified version of this edging on the Cap Shawl (Victorian Lace Today) which also uses the same leaf pattern as an insert as the spirals increase, so the two were really made to go together.

Sonja's Cap Shawl

Sonja's Cap Shawl

To get the pattern to work well with the Cap Shawl, I’ve added some fagoting to the original design on the inner edge; and I’ve added beads – mainly because very fine lace-weight shawls tend to be a little bit flighty, and the beads just seem to make the drape.  I also added beads into the leaf insert in the shawl body as well – just to keep things interesting.

You are most welcome to use this pattern in PDF – PerfectLeafLaceEdge.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Leaf Lace Edge (adapted)

  1. Bonjour, le voile de mariée est tout simplement splendide ; j’aurais aimer obtenir les explications de l’ensemble de ce grand châle blanc ; est-ce possible ? merci pour ce rêve éveillé. Cdmt. Mme Bationo

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  3. Hi, I know this is an old post, but do hope that you still access your blog and see this comment. I found your blog on pinterest whilst looking for lace patterns. I have to thank you, I will be using the ones you made available to make my daughter a Wedding shawl. Thank You so much.

    • Thank you. I still knit, spin and weave but haven’t had a chance to publish much recently. I would love to hear/see how you interpret the patterns. Happy knitting!

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